Chopin and Champers by Candlelight

On the 31st of May 2019, St Paul’s Anglican Church in Clunes hosted a magical concert as part of ‘Plate Up Ballarat.’ UK based Australian pianist, Piers Lane played some of Chopin’s finest nocturnes by candlelight. The church was packed, and the audience enchanted. After the performance it was over to the Parish Hall for an outstanding champagne supper by chef, Peter Ford.

Celebrating Booktown - May 2019


The Challenge!

In 2018 we left our old Remington ‘Travel-Riter’ out for our Booktown guests. We began a story, and were delighted to find it continued! Our 2019 guests also stepped up, and here’s what we have so far!

‘As the fog lifted on a cold dawn in Clunes….. ‘ (Vanessa and Phil)

Booktown 2018 - (Mike and Ellen)

not more than an hour ago, I wandered through the bleak and empty house, strewn with clues that Rebecca was truly gone. ‘Where was she now,’ I wondered, now that the storm which had ripped our lives apart, was finally stil… Then I found it, hastily typed on her old Remington machine she’d bought in Amsterdam of all places, and on which she planned to write the novel which would get us home. There it was, the note which explained it all…

Booktown 2019 - (Shona & Ants)

It looked like it had been written in haste. As though her thoughts had come quicker than her ability to write them. Her writing was almost incomprehensible, thoughts that were jumbled, letters that were incomplete. I’m not sure she ever meant for someone else to see or read it. I suddenly felt like I was intruding. The note explained everything as I slowly and painfully read every squiggle and half-thought word, IT SAID…….

Clunes Booktown May 2019

Clunes Booktown happens annually, on the first weekend in May, and this year’s festival was once again huge. Here are some snaps.

Mad Max returns

On the 2nd of February 2019 Clunes was the starting point for ‘The Search for Max,’ celebrating 40 years since Mad Max was released. Parts of the film were shot in Clunes and many cast-members returned to take part in a parade which then headed up to Maryborough. Some of the original Clunes locations include the top of Fraser Street in front of ‘Timmermans’, as well as the shop next door, Widow Twankey’s (directly opposite) and the Clunes historic railway station.